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Serving Metro Atlanta businesses for over 35 years, King Industrial Realty has the largest concentration of industrial brokers in Atlanta. Our commitment and experience is second to none. We are available to assist you with any industrial real estate needs you have.

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King Industrial Realty/CORFAC International is Atlanta’s premier industrial real estate firm serving Metro Atlanta property owners, investors and a myriad of businesses that occupy warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities in the 27-counties within a 50-mile radius of Atlanta.

Making intelligent business decisions concerning a firm’s commercial and industrial real estate needs can influence the difference between success and failure of a business enterprise, and King Industrial’s market knowledge and ability to create leverage in negotiating favorable outcomes for clients often is the difference.

King Industrial Realty is a founding member of CORFAC International (1989), the leading entrepreneurial network of independently owned and operated commercial real estate service firms with over 80 offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.